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Image by Kenrick Mills
Image by Drew Colins
Bath Salts

Full Moon Sacred Self-Care

  • Bath salts

  • Healing crystals

  • Body scrub

  • Essential oil or aromatherapy

  • Billed monthly

Valued at $55.55

Spirit -N- Motion Dance Package

  • 2x Month Estatic Dance

  • Bath salts

  • Healing crystals

  • Body scrubs

  • essential oils or aromatherapy


Valued at $25.25

   Sacred Self-Care Packages

Coming Soon

What is the Spirit-N-Motion Tribe?

Spirit-N- Motion brings the Trïbë together as we cultivate wellness with our mind, soul & divine expression of the Body. These safe spaces are offered 2x a month as we practice the Art of Sacred Flò thru Ecstatic Dance Movement & Motion. From all over the Galaxy, we come together and express our deepest most inner expression of our appreciation for Life! As we Flò we Divinely Communicate with the Universe. You are loved, protected & more than worthy! We look forward to Flòing & Co-Creating Divinely with the Universe with you! -  Trïbë


Let you body be your feelings & words. No Talking. There is designated time for Talking. Move like no ones watching. Tribe Intentions are set to Re-wild  US (Her/Him/Them)

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