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#21 Day Magical Mind Body Soul Challange

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Calling All Magical, Amazing, Evolving light Beings!!!!

Ready for a Major Shift?! Join Us as we embark upon our 21 day Mägïcäl Mind, Body & Soul Challenge!!!

(No phone first 15-20mins when u wake up for 21 days) .

Week 1 - Upon rising create with colors (Drawing, coloring, painting, sewing….)

Week 2: Move you're body (listening to music, sing, stretch, headstands surprise me!)

Week 3: Plant base (no animal or animal products)

(🤚🏾) text me a high five if u in…. If not, text me (🛸) Too much going on on you're planet to commit to right now.☺️🥰

Everyone has different missions…. Never ask for Permission for you to be YOU!

(Details will be found on site within the week along with content from vlog progress submitted entries!!)

Vlog or keep track of Your Progress🥰👩🏾‍🎨


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  • January 24, 2022


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