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What we do

We at the Goddess Glo Brand are licensed Spiritual/ Wellness professionals. We cater to the holistic needs of Evolving Goddesses and Gods. We realize that we are all traveling through uniquely led individual experiences and we all aspire to manifest amazing multidimensional realities.

​Through Mastering of our Emotions & Connecting Authentically to our soul's highest purposes, As our tribe evolves we seek to Grow Know, and Flow effortlessly while we divinely align to our soul's true passions and desires.

Kosmïc Khamïlïon, M.A, M.S, LPC


Growing up in the inner city of Chicago, Kosmïc saw so much from an early age. It forced her to seek peace and protect her energy from the adverse entities submerged in emotional and spiritual deprivation. She realized her passion was helping people to become their best selves, so she studied psychotherapy and became a licensed therapist.  

After ten years of helping clients, burnout set in; she took a 3-year sabbatical to participate in many spiritual wellness retreats. During this time, she gained clarity about her path on this planet. She re-emerged more grounded and intentional than ever before. With her inner child and purpose restored, Kosmïc now lives her life in a state of flow and practices being present. 

Now better than ever, she continues to assist her clients in discovering their purpose that aligns with their core values and divine destiny. She established Magically Me, Inc, a non-profit that educates at-risk youth with disabilities to use their gifts to manifest a magical life. She also hosts shamanistic healing investment retreats for adults, which allows them to return to their natural state of wonder and frequency. 

As a wholïstïc healer, Kosmïc uses many inner child healing techniques such as nature therapy, chakra alignment, astrology, art, music, and other creative exercises which cultivate wellness for such conditions as depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

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